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Hills. Rivers. Steel. Neighborhoods. Art. Football.
Can words explain a city like Pittsburgh, with its rich history, complicated geography, and thriving communities? Over the years, countless writers—who grew up here, or moved here, or were just passing through—have taken up the challenge.

In celebration of the city’s 250th anniversary, we’ve collected some of the best true stories ever written about Pittsburgh and its people. They cover topics from coal mining in the 1860s to the difficulties of being single here in the 21st century—and they all share a fascination with, as Stewart O’Nan puts it, “the real Steel City, the city that’s shared imaginatively by all long-term Pittsburghers. … People and things we as Pittsburghers know, whether they’re true or not.”

Some of these stories are old, and some are new — and some are still being written. We hope you’ll find some of your favorites here, as well as many surprises. Happy Reading!