September 17, 2014

A review of Justhost web hosting

A review of justhost web hosting will immediately highlight this hosting star’s many awards, including the Host of the year award. A relatively recent player as far as success is concerned, justhost hosting has been providing reliable hosting services to a wide variety of clients at affordable rates for years, not nearly as large yet always mentioned within the same breath as other giants of hosting.

Just host web hosting can trace its core operation to Illinois where its two thousand or so shared and dedicated servers are consistently and thoroughly monitored by a team of four professionals, their efforts augmented by a comprehensive automated monitoring system purposed to ensure the optimum operation of Just host hosting’s systems, generating alerts in the event of a failure and taking necessary counter measures.

Many a justhost review will compliment the host on its quad processor servers, back up power generators, advanced security systems designed to counter all manner of threats to client data, hence promising a secure and reliable hosting environment within which it can execute its tasks.

Like many of its competitors Just host offers a single hosting plan within which it promises to meet its clients’ diverse needs under very favorable justhost pricing, making available a diversity of unlimited hosting offerings, justhost features including:

  • Unlimited email accounts, data transfer and web hosting
  • Unlimited storage space, disk space, bandwidth
  • SSL, Shell Access, CGI, PHP, Ruby
  • Linux OS and more

Not that this hosting firm can truly compete with a simple justhost coupon and a long list of fairly generic features largely available in most if not all hosting firms on the market. Justhost does more than that and takes its offerings a step further though.

Control panel – Where many firms fail, offering very powerful control panels designed to execute complex tasks, but which are nearly impossible to use unless one possesses extensive technical know how, Just host endeavors to provide one of the easiest and most understandable control panels on the market, making available the popular cPanel, easy to manipulate and enabling the execution of the greatest of tasks through the simplest of means.

Probably more importantly for the layman, just host not only provides a ton of powerful features but makes available mechanisms through which it can set these features up for you, be it Joomla, Drupal, or its shopping cart program, allowing you to execute transactions via your website. It is complexity laid out in the simplest of packages.

Just host will also take into account that most people do not understand the intricacies of web designing, on the one hand making available powerful site builders designed to help you easily expedite the process of web designing, especially as a newbie to the field; on the other hand empowering professionals with the technical skills to design their own sites with a comprehensive offering of scripts such as pearl with which to craft their systems.

And of course, as with all hosts, Justhost offers uptime mere inches away from perfect, further augmenting its levels of reliability, offered alongside 24/7 customer support systems designed to contend with the most complex queries in a patient and timely manner.

But maybe just host wouldn’t be the host provider it is today, wouldn’t possess the reputation many boast of by providing features available to most other hosts, if not for the amazing just host pricing. Just host is one of the cheaper host services available, its average of $3.75 further accentuating features usually offered by larger firms and at a greater expense.

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